Becca is the most amazing, supportive level headed calm doula. Her wealth of experience means she can both communicate with women and midwifes with ease and help explain situations where there isn’t time for the midwife to chat further. She helped me through the birth of my second son and was honestly incredible, calming and fun! She laughed with me when I needed a lift and held me in the moments I needed to cry. I also credit her with getting me to successfully use gas and air which I just couldn’t work out in my first my labour. It also meant I wasn’t left alone for any part of the labour, which became very important when my husband had to deal with an emergency with our eldest child (which she managed to keep me completely oblivious about) due to her providing continual calming support! I can’t recommend becca enough! Here she is with my number 2 in the days after his birth! She also helped me with slings, reusable nappies, postnatal recovery and drinking glasses of gin in the pub once I could again – so is all round amazing!


Becca was great when I felt I needed someone just to talk to about my birth choices.  She pointed out a few times that everything was down to me to decide and pointed me in the direction of the consultant midwife and how to access a birth debrief…… She was always very clear she wasn’t there to offer medical advice but she helped me find resources where I could read further information etc. She gave me positive affirmations and reassured me my feelings were all normal. During the labour and birth Becca was amazing! She held my hand (I probably squeezed it a bit too hard!) and told me everything was normal.  Just having her there saying that was a great help and gave me a belief in myself and my bodies capabilities. My husband found her to e very calming and relaxed.  Very reassuring.  Advocating what I wanted in my birth plan (e.g silence,  letting me find out the sex etc).

After the birth she was very caring.  She helped us get things sorted.  Really helpful.  She felt more like a really good friend than someone who was doing a job.  She is very caring in her nature and made sure myself and my family were all settled. She was always available to talk to her when I needed and I always felt she really understood where I was coming from.


Pre-birth Rebecca was always available to answer any questions I had and is incredibly knowledgeable. She was generous with her availability. One particular highlight is a gorgeous reflexology foot massage she gave me with essential oils when I was overdue. Sadly due to Covid Rebecca wasn’t able to join us in the hospital and I went in for an induction so there was no labouring at home, and then the whole thing happened very fast. However, she did stay in touch via whatsapp to check up on me.

Rebecca’s been so helpful since the birth. She’s regularly visited me and helped me with breast feeding, she’s been a great source of support when I’ve felt overwhelmed and recommended a variety of helpful things to support me with painful nipples and other challenges. I very much feel listened to and understood, and I feel like I can say anything to Rebecca without worrying about feeling judged or causing offence.

I’m not sure how I would have survived this experience without Rebecca!