My Story

Hi, I’m Becca, a former midwife but now mum to 3 amazing boys, babywearing and sling library consultant, antenatal educator and pregnancy and birth doula.
I live in Beckenham with my husband and 3 young sons. I am a warm and friendly person who loves nothing more than a good old chat over a cup of tea. I spend lots of time just hanging out with friends and family. I am particularly fond of a good pub lunch. I love wildlife and dream of one day moving to the country and owning a herd of Alpacas.

I have always been fascinated by pregnancy, birth and babies and was thrilled when I became a midwife in 2007. I worked in a variety of settings over 12 years, but my passion during this time was working in the community, providing continuity of care to parents-to-be throughout their whole pregnancy, at their birth in hospital, or at home and postnatal period. I absolutely loved helping people take control of their pregnancies and supporting them into their journey to parenthood. I have a particular interest in sharing information and empowering families to make their own choices.

Sadly I found that balancing being a mum of 3 small people and working within a highly stressed NHS service quite a challenge and I was not able to provide the kind of support I would like or that I feel people deserve. So I made the difficult decision to stop practising as a midwife. However I am happy that this decision led me to become a doula instead. I am now a mentored birth doula with Nurturing Birth and am so excited to be able to truly nurture families and provide emotional and practical support through their entire pregnancy and birth journey.

I have had 3 very different births myself in hospital and at home but when I had my first son I had a birth experience which was not quite how I imagined or hoped for and was overwhelmed by how challenging it was having a newborn to care for. However I had such fabulous support from my midwives that I look back on the experience very positively. I am convinced that without support I would have found things very different. I am so grateful to have been well prepared, well informed and supported by my midwives and third time round by my amazing doula and I am keen to pass that on by empowering others to feel the same way.

Birth and new babies can be unpredictable and things don’t always go exactly as we imagine but I believe that by feeling truly listened to, supported and respected you can feel in control and able to make positive choices for your pregnancy and birth experience. My role as your doula is to listen to you, signpost you to information and evidence to help you make choices, help you feel prepared for your birth and new baby and to provide compassionate, unbiased and continuous emotional and practical support to you during your birth – however and wherever you want that to be.